About My Bespoke Service

Hi, I am Anne-Marie, the face and passion behind Bespokeveils.co.uk. I work from my home studio in East Sussex, designing and creating embroidered veils.

I digitise all of my embroidery designs, so they are exclusive to me. I work closely with every bride to make them a veil that suits their style and personality and one that they will be comfortable wearing.

My existing patterns can be used as a starting point for your ideas and can be adapted, developed and extended to make them personal to you. Alternatively, we can work together to create a completely new design, incorporating any ideas that you may have.

I love to create designs that are meaningful to both partners; ones that include those important little details that can be shown in a visual way. I am often asked to include quotations, words, initials, names and dates and these can be subtly hidden within a design, or placed to make a statement.

I am frequently asked questions about the design and make process, how it works and about the steps it takes to make a veil.


If you wish to know more, take a look at the ‘behind the veil’ links in my Real Brides gallery, where you will get an insight into the whole creative process.

There is something extra special about wearing a unique veil that has been designed and made especially for you; one that will become a treasured heirloom in years to come.

If you like the idea of wearing a bespoke veil on your special day, please do get in touch.